Janlokpal is in the air: Friends, it’s now or never

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  • Saturday, December 24, 2011
  • Mother land is calling again. She has been bleeding since years as the giants of corruption are continuously trying to fill their stomach by selling their mother land. Some are behind the curtain and some are audaciously shitting in the society in the name of patriotism and unity.

    It is said that we never get second chance in our lives to prove our worth. But we Indians are quite fortunate that we are getting a second chance to fight for our rights, to raise a voice against corruption, do become the savior of our destiny.

    16 August, 2011 is now seen as a golden date in the books of history when the citizens of India Stood united with Anna Hazare for the revolutionary movement, India Against Corruption. Millions of people got involved in the faction and tried to bring a change by at least thinking about their own future which seems to be in dark, own money which is getting wasted and own trust which is being breached thousand times.

    With the end of Anna’s fast in August which lasted for 13 days, the congress government had promised to bring CBI, Judiciary and Lower bureaucracy in the ambit of Jan Lokpal Bill but the report which was submitted by the Standing Committee it has excluded Prime Minister, lower bureaucracy and CBI from the ambit of Jan Lokpal Bill.

    Observing the lethargic attitude of government, Anna has again decided to go on the fast and bring the movement again from the last day of parliament’s winter session.

    This time Mumbai is going to witness the strength of democracy from December 27, 2011. The 74 year old revolutionist is giving you a voice to come and join hands.

    Our Dakhalandazi team and associate partners Bangalured (www.bangalured.com) covered this movement in August and had  detailed interviews with Manish Shishodia, Kumar Viswas and Prashant Bhushan regarding the issue.

    Now again, we will be participating and covering this whole event of India Against Corruption in Mumbai. Our team has already left for its destination and soon we will be reporting you with the details.

    Friends, it’s now or never. We are the one who have to master our own destiny. If you also want to stop blaming your fate and want to be a part of corruption free society, then come join us.

    If you are coming down to Mumbai then let us know and be the part of our campaign.
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