Government has approved a full-fledged centre in NIFT Raebareli

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  • Wednesday, November 30, 2011

  • The total cost involved is Rs.94.22 crore including Rs. 59.72 crore for construction by ITI and Rs.34.50 crore for academic support, academic infrastructure, interiors, rentals, etc.

    Dakhalandazi Reporter
    New Delhi

    The Union Cabinet has approved setting up of a full fledged permanent Centre of National Institute of Fashion Technology at Raebareli. The details are as follows:

    (i) Construction of a permanent Centre of NIFT at Raebareli by ITI Ltd. on 11.46 acres of land taken on lease from ITI Ltd. instead of NTC land as approved by the Cabinet earlier.

    (ii) ITI Ltd. will provide built-up space, as per the designs approved by NIFT, on lease to NIFT for running the permanent NIFT Centre. NIFT will enter into an agreement with ITI for lease to be renewed periodically and the rentals on mutually agreed terms between NIFT/Ministry of Textiles and Indian Technology Institute.

    (iii) A revised outlay of Rs.94.22 crore as against earlier outlay of Rs.62.35 crore approved by the Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs in January 2007 (Rs.12.25 crore for temporary campus) and by the Cabinet in November 2077 (Rs.50.10 crore for permanent campus).

    (iv) Out of the revised outlay as above, providing Rs.59.72 crore (Plan) directly to ITI Ltd. for construction of buildings for the permanent centre of NIFT as one-time grant in aid to be released when ITI has obtained all statutory approvals and to be kept in a dedicated project fund to be used for this purpose only.

    (v) Providing Rs.34.50 crore (Rs.30.50 crore (Plan) and Rs.4.00 core (Non-Plan) to NIFT through Ministry of Textiles ( including the grant already released from the existing outlay), out of the revised outlay of Rs.94.22 crore.

    The total cost involved is Rs.94.22 crore including Rs. 59.72 crore for construction by ITI and Rs.34.50 crore for academic support, academic infrastructure, interiors, rentals, etc. Earlier an amount of Rs.62.35 crore was approved for the Raebareli Centre. Thus an additional amount of Rs.31.8 crore has been approved by the Cabinet.

    The infrastructure and other facilities at the permanent Centre would ease pressure on existing Delhi NIFT Centre and minimise the regional mismatch between the number of seats available and the number of applicants based on present locations of NIFT Centres. The centre would benefit a large number of students from Uttar Pradesh and neighbouring states who aspire to join courses conducted by NIFT.

    250 students are availing the opportunity for studying in professional courses in the above mentioned courses. Upon the full fledged centre becoming operational, the student strength will increase upto approximately more than 550 students.


    The National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) was set up by the Ministry of Textiles in the year 1986 as an autonomous body under the Societies Registration Act, 1860. NIFT has been accorded statutory status through an Act called ‘National Institute of Fashion Technology Act, 2006’. It is now empowered to award degrees and other academic distinctions. NIFT has 15 Centres at present located at New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kannur, Patna, Kangra, Gandhinagar, Bangalore, Bhopal, Shillong, Raebareli, Bhubaneswar and Jodhpur. These Centres admit about 2180 students every year.

    The Raebareli NIFT Centre had become operational from August, 2007, with two 4-year degree courses in Fashion Design & Accessory Design in a temporary Centre on land belonging to ITI. From 2011 Session, another course in Leather Design has been started in the Centre.

    The Cabinet had decided in November 2077 to set up a full-fledged permanent Centre in place of an extension Centre at Raebareli. This was to be done on NTC land. However, this could not become possible and hence it has been approved to convert the existing temporary Centre into a permanent one on 11.46 acres of land provided by ITI. ITI will get the Centre constructed and give it to NIFT on lease.

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