The "Force"ful beckoning on the Bollywood screen..!!

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  • Sunday, October 9, 2011
  • Directed by Nishi kanth Kamath and released on 3oth September,2011; this "Force" gave a forceful beckoning on the silver screen of Bollywood. Being the remake of South Indian blockbuster "Kaakha-Kaakha", Force is claimed to be a better base for the North Indian viewers. Starring John Abraham as ACP Yashwardhan and Genelia D'Souza as Maya and Vidyut Jamwal as "Vishnu in a negative avatar",this Force is still on pace to unleash all the "Bolly-records".


    OMG!! With what style, with what action, with what dialogues, with what charisma and with an stunning appeal has John studded himself.Gaining the body weight of 96 kgs to perform action sequences and do heavy stunts-proved successful for the healthy making of the movie. With arms and biceps soaked in tattoos, with the chest so fully naked and with the role so perfectly played, John set on to ablaze the contemporaries.

    Sources unfolds that the primary choice of the directors was none other than "Mr.Perfectionist" Aamir Khan to act in the script instead of John as Aamir had displayed loads of action in his Ghajini. But he went out to be a busy man on account of Dhoom:3 and Dhuaan that John stepped into the attires of ACP Yashwardhan. "Our very first choice was Genelia only.We wanted one bubbly and lively spirited , a new comer in Bollywood-though matured enough in acting; and Genelia perfectly slipped into our thoughts.Maya was written keeping in mind the acting of Genelia."; says the director of the movie.

    Genelia has proved to be successful in smashing her "college girl appeal" in Ronnie Screwala's "Jane tu ya jaane na.."From perfect screenplay to mature acting, Genelia cleared her way out. Even her chemistry with John was apparantly visible in the intimate scene in Force under showers. Genelia had completely wiped her image of "Chulbul" girl.

    All in all, Nishikanth Kamath's Force is a masala entertainer and a must watch for those who adore action, love and romance..
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