Diwali: Interesting Facts

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  • Thursday, October 27, 2011

  • Diwali is a five-day Indian festival, which means “rows of lighted lamps” and the celebration is often referred to as the Festival of Lights.

    Diwali gets its name from the “diyas,” or oil lamps that are lit in clay containers during this festival.

    Various regions of India follow different Diwali traditions. In northern India, Diwali traditions are followed by lighting lamps, candles, incense sticks, and other electric lights. Earthen lamps are kept burning throughout the night.

    The lovely lights are believed to welcome prosperity.

    Everywhere, Diwali signifies the renewal of life and the transition from darkness to light. It is common for the children to take baths with oil and wear new clothes for the festival. The event also signifies the approach of winter and the beginning of the sowing season.

    Nowadays, many fancy shaped candles are used. It is a festival of color, fireworks, clothes, and rangolis (highly intricate designs made in Technicolor or white powder). These are generally made at the main entrance of a home, and are believed to be ambassadors of good times to come.
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