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  • Saturday, August 6, 2011
  • Skin Care is an essential but unluckily many women are not are about it due to miscellaneous reasons. Dakhalandazi spoke to Priti Singh, a leading aesthetician. Here is an excerpt.

    What made you choose this particular profession of cosmetologist?

    Ans. From as early as a child,I have been very fascinated with skin and it's responses. Therefore, I realised that study of skin will help me accomplish this.

    The curiosity lead me to my studies and now my career. Skin and it's layers ,responses is an extremely fascinating subject.

    Is Indian women conscious about her own skin?

    Ans. Yes, they have over the past decade become increasingly conscious about their skin & hair. A revolution of products and skin treatments is today available in India.

    This is the same Indian market where 18 years ago the only perception of a cream, was a cold cream.

    What are the problems from the point of aesthetics that a women faces?

    Good and healthy skin can be created. If we take care of daily skin care routine cleansing toning moisturizing, applying a face pack twice a week and a night cream or serum at night after cleansing toning ,all this is adequate as a home care routine for healthy skin. This takes care of the external or extrinsic part of skin care.

    What should be the basic criteria to get the healthy skin?

    Ans. Internally or intrinsically we have to take care of our eating habits ensure a balanced diet with all nourishment and vitamins skin and body needs.

    A balance state of mind also helps in healthy skin.

    What should be the minimum age to implement aesthetics in skin care?

    Ans. As soon as our hormones start playing a role in our body .Our skin care should start as early as thirteen years old. Keeping skin clean is very important so that it does not break out into bouts of acne.

    At this stage we need good cleansing toning and hydration with water based products.

    We also must realise, especially in north India with the change of weather our skin will also change which is almost every three months.)

    ( Preeti can be contacted on bioclinicindia@gmail.com )
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