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  • Wednesday, August 10, 2011

  • Dear Friends,

    Thanks, a whole lot of thanks to you. And another round of thanks to SME World for getting us featured in their reputed business magazine. SME World is a award winning magazine who had made a special presence in national and International arena. Dakhalandazi is only a two year old child who had grown big with the love and support of the readers who constantly shower their love and concern.

    The Editor of SME World when contact Dakhalandazi, he was quite intrigued with the striking name and concept of being bilingual. The unique format and its informal reports increased his interests in Dakhalandazi, And here is an accomplishment. What do you say, is it not interesting. Lets share a detail with you, Dakhalandazi has grown to the level where readers are conceiving it for an international platform. If Google Analytics is to be believed then 19% of its readers are from America who while searching for Indian content reaches Dakhalandazi. 27% of its readers are from outside India. Phew! That’s Amazing.

    Last year when we decided to make it bilingual and inculcate the Analytic reports in it flavor, then readers took it up instantly and showered us with loads of Traffic. Lots of new people are got along with the family of Dakhalandazi and because of them only, we have reached to the status. We have also increased our potential to the other cities too like our team has launched a magazine in Bangalore. We are regularly looking forward to the fact that we get loads of newer contact and serve people with multi cuisine flavor. We have started a dedicated travel section for all travel lovers. Along with it we like to tell you that we have also started health and spirituality section.

    To Sum up, I just want to quote something from Rhonda Bryne’ s latest Bestseller The Power, “ What you give is what you get” and with this accomplishment , it has been proveed , we have given lots of love, which we have received.

    दखलंदाजी जारी रहे!

    Thanks& Love

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