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  • Monday, April 11, 2011
  • AMANDA Holden has revealed she plans to try for more children after tragically losing her unborn baby two months ago.

    Speaking on national TV this morning, the brave Britain's Got Talent judge said she was determined to turn her ordeal into something positive.

    Amanda, 40, said she and her husband Chris Hughes, who have a five-year-old daughter Lexi together, still want to expand their brood.

    She said: "I'm a naturally really optimistic girl and my husband and I, we're not dramatic people.

    Amanda Holden and Chris Hughes
    Family plans ... Amanda and her husband Chris Hughes
    "Although what's happened is obviously horrifying, there's no reason why we don't know, we can go on and have more children and our future's bright and you have to turn negatives into positives, and try and see everything as a blessing and that's exactly what we've done."

    The couple's son was stillborn seven months into Amanda's pregnancy in February.

    And Amanda told ITV1's Lorraine that the support from fans has helped her through the last couple of months.

    Yesterday she told the News Of The World that working on Shrek The Musical as Princess Fiona had put a smile back on her face after her heartbreak.

    Amanda Holden interviewed by Kate Garraway
    Looking to the future ... Amanda Holden on TV this morning

    She said: "It's the best therapy ever. It's just so good to do something so escapist.

    "As an ogre I have to learn to dance and fart all at the same time, and all to music! I'm laughing all the time with this too.

    "I think it helps that as a person I'm very optimistic, and very motivated and very family orientated. All of the people who've written us letters or emails or contacted me through Twitter have given both Chris and me so much strength.

    Thoughtful ... Amanda discusses the last couple of months

    "We're just so grateful that people have taken the time to share them with us."

    Meanwhile, she admitted today that she was pleased that Simon Cowell and Piers weren't part of the auditions for this year's Britain's Got Talent.

    Opening up ... Amanda

    She said new judges David Hasselhoff and Michael McIntyre didn't have the egos of the other pair.

    Amanda explained: "It's a relief to be working with people who have no egos, it's so relaxing, honestly. I mean I miss Simon and Piers because obviously they became - and are - close friends and I love them both dearly.

    "But these two guys are completely different and they kind of ask for my help, so I'm the boss! So I'm like, I don't have to listen to Simon - I don't have to listen to him droning on - it feels like I'm in charge.

    Michael Macintyre, Amanda Holden and David Hasselhoff
    BGT judges ... Michael McIntyre, Amanda Holden and David Hasselhoff

    "Michael is very, very funny, very generous, kind, but very reasonable. And The Hoff I'm very fond of. He's courageous in what he says, and he kind of is in his own little Hoff world."

    Piers left the show to take over from Larry King on CNN in America.

    Meanwhile, Simon sat out the audition stages of the talent show to work on launching the US version of X Factor.

    But he will join Amanda, David and Michael on the panel for the live rounds.

    And Amanda has promised viewers that they are in for a treat with the calibre of acts who have tried out this year after the hopefuls were whittled down to the remaining semi-finalists yesterday.

    She wrote on Twitter: "All done and dusted with decision making on BGT!!! We have some fantastic acts on this years show! I cannot wait for you all to see it."

    The new series of Britain's Got Talent kicks off at 8pm on Saturday on ITV1.


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