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  • Sunday, January 1, 2012
  • It’s a new world, It’s a new start...It’s alive with the beating of young hearts…

    It’s a new year, with countless surprises and challenges hidden in its fate. A new beginning is set to start, again with some reasonable wishes and never ending resolutions.

    A year goes and a new year comes, and the custom remains the same. But with the passing of every year, every season we come across lot many learning’s, nostalgic memories and tear-jerking incidences.

    The year 2011 had been a year of great advancements, events both cheerful and tragic) and the year 2011 witnessed a great loss by the passing away of some great personalities of the nation and across border whose absence can never be replenished.  All the incidents which occurred in the last year had affected all of us mentally, socially and economically but we never loosed our vigor to face the challenges and moved on.

    The year 2010-2011 witnessed some great revolutions such as Egyptian Revolution in the Arab Countries, Libyan Protests and India Against Corruption, a fight for bringing effective Lokpal Bill in the nation to curb the roots of corruption. On one side the world celebrated the joy of the murder of the most wanted terrorist Osama Bin Laden and on the other side the deadly earthquake and Tsunami hit the heritage and human lives in Japan. The world population touched 7 billion and the retirement of NASA’s Space Shuttle fleet took place from March to July 2011 and Iraq war came to an end.

    In such advancements, India as a nation became a part of some major happenings. Business tycoon Ratan Tata stepped down, India won the Cricket World Cup and Formula 1 race was introduced on the domestic grounds.

    Last year we lost some eminent personalities who stood as an epitome in their respective fields such as Shammi Kapoor, Dev Anand, Jagjit Singh, Bhupen Hazarika, M.F. Hussain, Amy Winehouse, Mansur Ali Khan Pataudi, Mario Miranda, Steve Jobs, Elizabeth Taylor and Peter Roebuck. Amidst of all the loss which we faced we always stood together and faced all the challenges.

    Dakhalandazi as a team touched new horizons and expanded its team. With the commitment to serve the society in the best of ways and with the unparalleled amount of information we tried to give our best and hope to continue the same. Dakhalandazi team became a prominent part of India Against Corruption Movement in August and December protests. We as a team brought two issues of print magazine, “Bangalured” along with our associate partners Bangalured.

    In the series of success we launched our new project, “Know Your Neta” whose objective is to bring the elections on much serious note by providing the information about our politicians on the website. In the same move of accomplishments we joined hands with an NGO called ‘Athak Prayas’.

    We tried to put our efforts and got a quite good response for the same from our readers. We aim to come up with some new and exciting projects in this year and keep you provided with the most reliable and best of information with a level ahead.

    Dakahalandazi team wishes you a very Happy and Prosperous 2012. May this year curb all the grief, poverty and corruption from the society and we all come together to build a peaceful world.

    Spread Love…..
    Best Wishes!

    Dakhalandazi zari rahe!

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