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  • Wednesday, September 7, 2011
  • Choreographed by Ganesh Hegde, this Akon's "chhammak chhallo" is towards glory.

    With tapping feets and clingering boots, with clapping hands and whispering lips; Akon's playback singing in Sharukh Khan and Kareena Kapoor starrer "Ra:1" has made dandy of itself. The only presense and even the voice of International singer Akon added sparks to the theatrical trailers of the movie.Releasing this september , Ra:1 is beforehandedly expected to be a furious hit-smashing all records.With the lyrics as "wana be my chhammak chhallo"; the song has made it's mark on the tough though smooth floors of Bollywood; to make his competitors envy of himself.

    Hardly had the song launched, when the critics did rate it as an awful directory..!!A few bollywood enthusiasts and bollywood freaks are of the view that lyrics does not fits well in the tunes. A strong point of oppression is that Indian playback singers would have sung this "chhammak chhallo" even better and candidly as compared to International fame Akon. A few other claim there have not been times far away when this planet has witnessed controversial lyrics of "Bhag Bhag Dk bose " and Deepika's "dum maaro dum" title track. ; as they say; are an outfit examples.

    Despite this controversy, viewers have liked in thousands the "chhammak chhallo" page on facebook and the video of the song on youtube has 138 likes and 402 comments.

    Choreographed by Ganesh Hegde, this Akon's "chhammak chhallo" is towards glory. "I have seen several choreographers imparting easier and simple dance moves to SRK and Kareena as witnessed by me in their dancing.I have put in it a medley of bit difficult dance moves for both the actors."; says Ganesh Hegde.

    So it would be wise enough to wait long a while to watch out whether this Akon's presence makes any difference to the movie or the business remains indifferent for the producers..!!
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