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  • Wednesday, August 17, 2011

  • The Throat Chakra is directly related to our self acceptance and belief in ‘self’ . If our beliefs are positive the result is constructive and positive self esteem.If our beliefs are negative,we suffer from poor self esteem.

    a) Acceptance by the mother in the intra uterine phase- If the mother has thoughts of not being ready for a child at the time of conception ,the foetus is sensitive enough to pick up these thoughts.

    b) childhood memories-The throat chakra tends to get blocked further with unhealthy remarks from adults and authority figures.

    Adult life- beliefs can build you or beat you.

    Understanding and listening, expressing.

    Completely or partially blocked throat chakra hampers effective communication.

    How well we communicate is determined not by how well we say things but by how well are we understood.

    ELEMENT- Sound

    COLOR- Blue and bright blue are advisable for the throat chakra.

    DIET- ginger, mint, oregano, basil included in your diet.

    CHAKRA ACTIVITY- make an attempt to communicate with people,nature and most importantly yourself.attempt to listen to others not just hear.participate in activities where you can be yourself .be vocal your feelings and give vent to any pent up emotions in the most appropriate manner.

    BREATHING EXERCISE- breathe in through your back throat chakra and breathe out through your front throat chakra.

    CHAKRA STRETCH EXERCISE-gently drop your head sideways to the right taking care not to lift the shoulders.feel the vibrations in your left palm while you drop your head to the,in a gentle motion,bring your head to the normal posture and repeat on the left side.


    1- I believe in my self deeply and completely.

    2- I am open to listen to universal guidance.

    3- I allow my self to listen to my inner voice.

    ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE-express gratitude towards self and universe for making you feel worthy of all the beautiful things in the universe.

    So activate your throat chakra and enjoy your communication.

    By- Chhaya Mehrotra

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