The 'Solar Plexus Chakra' ensures the 'spark of your life'

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  • Tuesday, August 2, 2011
  • THE Sanskrit name of this chakra is "Manipur Chakra". Proper activation functioning of this chakra ensures that our "spark of life" is always correctly stroked. The central feeling of solar plexus is to do with ‘CONTROL in one's life’. The root cause of all painful emotions is a thought that "I cannot control" if we all start taking charge of life and stop wasting time in trying to control or avoiding control ,life will in bliss.

    Location: The solar plexus chakra is located midway between the naval and the base of the sternum it supports the spleen, pancreas, stomach, and liver.

    Color- This chakra is yellow in color.

    Corresponding chakra activity-
    a) Activities that charge you.
    b) Involve yourself in stimulating conversations, group activities.
    c) Keep all clutters out.
    d) Complete incompletion in relationship in any form.
    e) Watching cartoons and comedies is good stress buster and ego crusher. Once you can laugh on yourself and situations created by you.

    Diet- Include spices, appetizers, tangy food (as per your requirements )in your meals. Add foods that stimulate your taste buds, avoid fats.

    Element- fire

    a) I am in complete charge of my life.
    b) I am secured in my unique position in universe.
    c) I choose to surrender myself to universal design plan and take charge of my life.
    d) I choose to accept deeply and completely my uniqueness in the universe.
    Attitude of gratitude

    a) Express gratitude towards self for taking charge of the life and allowing yourself to be guided in the right direction.

    b) Thank yourself for having immense faith in the universal plain and the journey of life as an experience of completion of imbalance.

    Breathing exercise- Abdominal breathing pattern relaxes and revitalizes you. Put you on the upper abdomen area. Now breathe only through the abdomen while limiting the chest.

    Chakra stretch exercise- Interlock your palms in front of your body and then gently raised your hands and take them to the back of your neck ,gently bend forward from the level of your hips, without bending your knees. Go as far down as possible and exhale while bending forward. Slowly swing back up and as you do this, inhale.

    By- Chhaya Mehrotra

    So activate your solar plexus chakra and take charge your life.

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