Shore Temple - Mahabalipuram

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  • Monday, August 8, 2011
  • Mamallapuram AKA Mahabalipuram: A 20 minutes drive on a fork from the main highway, the gurgling ocean and the fairly long walk into the UNESCO's World heritage territory, I finally get a glimpse of the Shore Temple - a monument that I had often read about in my history books and something that always appeared similar to the million other temples.

    Ritika Gupta

    A closer look made me appreciate the architectural genius and the craftsmenship that existed in that era. The engravings depict instances from the Mahabharatha. It is elaborate with mandapas(the shrine), the rathas(chariots). If the temple looked this grand and skilled after years of enundation from the weather, the rough seas and the storms... it is unimaginable how exquisite it would have appeared.

    The ruins are many and excavations still on. Nearby are the monolithic structures that were carved out of a single rock or piece of stone. There are 5 temples/caves- the "paanch rathas". Most of the carvings have been rubbed out on the Arjuna temple, the Varaha cave temple.

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