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  • Monday, August 22, 2011
  • Dear Friends
    Want to see real India, Come to Ramlila Ground
    It is the proud for Dakhalandazi as we covered the ANNA HAZARE movement happening in Ram Lila Ground. People across the country are now thronging the nation with one purpose that is the might of real India. I know you have become bored of reading the same matter againa nad again, so here is an different angle to satisfy your sense of reading. If you like to see the true India, you should definitely go to Delhi so that you can see the multi dimensional, multicultural real India. From an ardent music lover to a techie, from a model to a doctor, from a barber to a businessman and from a child to an octogenarian all are present in the mud laden ground. Dakhalandazi was really amazed with the kind of variety there. On one hand where stalls of food are keeping the hunger pangs silent of those who are supporting the Anna incessantly. Lots of saints are also there to instil the spirit of spiritualism. See no one is left with just a visit, there is lot more to explore, so what are you doing sitting at your home, go there and see the manifestation of true India.
    Till then Dakhalandazi Zari Rahe!
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