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  • Thursday, August 25, 2011

  • The swinging signified 'was midnight
    the stars and moon had appeared.
    They acted as the canopy in fright
    to those vulgars who sleep o' nights.

    Twinkle they did in the starry night,
    as one of he gem by reflection.
    Only the bird of night had come
    as it was her attraction.

    Twice they had smoted loudly,
    on the roofs of the tags-rags.
    Declaring that they can't now withstand
    and are going with all their bags.

    Hasty the lamp of light was lit,
    and the beams were darted later.
    The stars also in a haste had gone
    as the fish was out of water.

    The rays has shafted randomly,
    and the mob has set out their routine.
    To know the happenings of the planet
    they were looking very keen.

    The chirping sounded good to the flaps,
    and the nests were made vacant.
    The feathers flew gradually high and low,
    and to the long journey they went.

    The flowers blossomed hilt and heel,
    as all of them had awaken.
    Surely the scene had resembled not
    less than any heaven.

    The morning light grew strong and strong
    and made each routine completed.
    The earthly ones went happliy by
    no sooner were they greeted..


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