A journey from Fear to love

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  • Thursday, August 25, 2011
  • Faith is a gift we receive only when we embrace our fear.

    Ruchika Bakshi

    One of the biggest fear of humanity is the fear of the unknown. We find comfort in our safe known zones, even if the known area causes pain, because we are in control. It is a familiar zone and hence feels safe.

    The journey from fear to faith requires letting go of what's known; i.e, what is comfortable and safe and secure. Plunging into the unknown doesn't require courage but faith. Fear doesn't have to be challenged, it has to be embraced and dissolved.

    It can only be dissolved in love, it can only be embraced by love and the journey from fear to love happens with faith. Faith acts as a bridge to transform fear into love. It's letting go of our own need to control, to know and always a need for comfort and security. Fear is just an illusion that gets it power from the mind, which then manifests into reality. If fear is dealt with internally, one doesn't need to create it externally.

    The fear of not being able to move out of ones own comfort zone, hence the need to control, gives rise to situations that are tough. Once we embrace the fear and face it internally, letting go of all our fears, we allow ourselves to be taken care of. We allow the universe to support us and in surrender, faith happens.

    Once we understand what is the cause of fear, we can then deal with it also. The cause of all fear is need. Ignorance that we need things from outside and others is the root cause of all fear. When we need something from outside, like love, support, motivation, peace, being wanted, security, then it gives rise to fear. What if we don't get what we need? Fear of being left alone, causes a need to be together, fear of being humiliated, causes a need to be appreciated, acknowledged, fear of failure, causes a need to be successful, fear of being out of control or helpless, causes a need to be powerful, fear of being poor causes a need to be rich, fear of insecurity, causes a need to be secure. If all needs disappear, fear disappears.

    This becomes a vicious cycle in which one gets trapped. How does one come out of this?
    How does one get rid of all fears? Is it about getting rid of fears? The more one tries to run away from fears, the more it grows bigger and the more one tries to get rid of it, the more it comes in ur life. Everything in our life happens for a reason and everything that comes into existence has a cause.

    Life is not about should be and shouldn't be's, its about how's and why's. When the attitude to life changes from running away or getting rid of things, to understanding and exploring, to finding out the why's and causes that created the situations, we not only become responsible, but also become aware of the infinite potential that lies within us as the creator. We then experience the power to change our lives to our highest reality and unlimited choices that we have within us as creators of our own destiny.

    The root cause of all fear is need. And when we get enlightened, or awakened to our true being, is when all need disappears. It is only then we realise that we are already whole and complete and every thing that we need from outside is just a mirror of what lies already within.

    We as souls have completely forgotten who we are and are lost in the false identification of ourselves, thinking we know who we are. The false image that we have of our own self is our ego. ( edging God out).

    Ego is the product of the mind. It gives birth to the 'I'. It creates desires and wants because it gratifies the ego. The ego self always has needs, expectations, wants, desires. It's job is to create more and more needs so that it can remain in existence. It is this 'I', that has lost touch with it's true self, as love.

    This disconnected self of ours, where mind is in charge has a bottomless pit inside of it. The ego is always in self gratification, some people are aware of it, others have another layer of mask over it, covering it up with selflessness. The mind gives a false illusion of emptiness, disconnection with the soul, of separation with the Source. This illusion of separation is created because of layers and layers of ignorance, belief systems, fears and guilts over lifetimes.

    The mind which is the most powerful, and also the need that is a product of the mind, has a bottomless pit. The more the needs, the more the fear, the more the pain, misery and suffering, ending up being as empty as ever.This bottemless pit, can never get fulfilled.
    There is no cure. The need for love, respect, power, growth, money, success just goes on increasing and the more one achieves it, the stronger the need becomes for more. Hence one gets trapped in the viscous cycle of greed and fear.

    No one can ever quantify how much u need and for how long. When will the need be satisfied? How much money will give you the feeling of security, how much love will make u feel worthy and loved, how much making others feel lesser will make u feel powerful, how much doing good to others will Make you happy? The answer is never.

    No matter how much love you get, its never enough, no matter how much appreciation one gets, it's never enough, no matter how much money one has, it's never enough, cause all these carry along with them the seed of fear. The moment one doesn't receive love, one feels unloved, the moment one doesn't receive appreciation from someone who has always appreciated, one will feel unworthy... And it goes on and on.......

    When this hits us deep within, that what we are seeking from others or outside never fulfils us, but only gives rise to fear, we then turn inwards and explore the reason. The journey from the mind to the soul, the reconnection with our true selves, with our Source is what sets us free from this viscous cycle.

    Awakening to our true nature as god, as love, which has an abundance of everything within, has no need, no desires. Only this can free us from all fears.We need to understand that we don't need to fight the fears, or face our fears or get rid of them, we simply need to deal with the cause of fear, that is need. We simply need to be awakened to our authentic nature of who we are and only in that state, all needs vanish, all fears dissolve.

    Shift from victim to creator

    Ofcourse freedom from all fears is letting go of all needs and shifting the need from wanting it from outside to inside; i.e, need to be responsible.

    awakening to our god self, and our true nature can only happen when we move from being in the zone of the victim to the zone of the creator.

    Most of humanity lives in the zone of the victim. We come from a space where others and situations are responsible for our pain and suffering.

    It's either money, destiny, other people, time and even god who is responsible for all our misery. We conveniently shift our entire responsibility on everything except ourselves. The whole world outside of us is to be blamed for where we are and for some if it is not others, then the blame is on ourselves.

    This archetype of people who blame themselves, very often are those who always feel guilty.
    Guilt is another escape mechanism for taking responsibility.

    When we don't blame others, we blame ourselves. It doesn't matter who we blame, the place we stand in, or the energy that we generate at that moment remains the same, guilt.
    This means that a change in our lives can only happen when we shift from the zone of blame to responsibility, from being the victim to the creator.

    We need to understand this very clearly here that I am not in the world but the world is in me.

    (Ruchika is a clinical hypnotherapist and a life coach)

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