11 Years And Still The Same

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  • Friday, August 19, 2011
  • His habit of making the contestant feel at home is impeccable.

    Saumya Verma

    A decade is pretty long time to change everything. I have grown over this last decade and changed a lot but there is one thing that is same as it was back a decade ago rather say 11 years ago. I remember when KBC first made its presence on Star Plus at 9 pm every night, the whole nation stuck to it like a magnet.

    Our government has changed; the genre of serials on television has changed and so are me and you but has the charm of Amitabh Bachchan changed? Most of us would say a no to it. This man who is ruling the roost for last 40 years in the entertainment world needs no more acknowledgement or remarks. He is par excellence and adorning the set of KBC with the same grandeur and honour like he did 11 years ago.

    What a man! How does he manage it being so very himself? This week when it started, I followed it like a true and ardent fan. His habit of making the contestant feel at home is impeccable. As an actor he has done a lot, a lot and really a lot but as a host of KBC, he has etched another mark of brilliance. Hey! I am just putting on all stress on what I feel about KBC, sorry, your views are also most welcome. Try to catch up some episodes if you feel like and mark your views.

    Happy Watching!

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