What is life? Why am I born? What is my purpose?

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  • Saturday, July 30, 2011
  • All the great people in this world, who are at the top, are the ones, who have contributed to humanity in a very big way.

    Ruchika Bakshi

    What is life? Why am I born? What is my purpose? These are the questions that every human being has asked himself at some point of time in their life.

    For different people, it comes at different times. For some people who are very ambitious, know what they want in life, in terms of career, work, goals and visions. They are very clear of the larger purpose behind their personal dreams. All the great people in this world, who are at the top, are the ones, who have contributed to humanity in a very big way.

    The personal desire to achieve success, money, fame, is backed up with a need to make a difference to humanity; whether it is by supporting families by giving them jobs, empowering people to earn their living, to express their talent and fulfil their purpose.

    For most people, they don't know what they want in life, why they are born and they spend the entire life one day after the other like a mundane task. Life becomes an ordeal. It becomes a series of burdensome tasks that needs to be completed every day. No matter how much one does, it's never enough. No matter how much one gives, expectation never finishes. No matter how much one loves, never gets it in return, no matter how much others love u in their ways, still feels incomplete, No matter how hard one tries, still there is no accomplishment and one is left feeling as empty as never before.

    It becomes a viscous cycle, a trap, in which one gets trapped in their own web that is created, without being aware that who created the web in the first place is 'You'.

    We are all aware of the law of karma, that what one gives is what one gets. Then why do you still not get what u give? Why do you do so much for others and get nothing in return? Why do people who you love the most, cause you the maximum pain? Why do you work so hard all your life, giving your best all the time and still get lesser or no returns? Why do good people suffer the most? There may be moments when one questions 'why me?'

    Does this mean that law of karma doesn't work here? These are the moments when people start questioning, to know and get answers to all the why's of their life's. These events become catalysts for growth for such people. People, who never give up, start an inward journey, to get all the answers. People who give up, either commit suicide, spend their lives in depression or mourning, lose faith from God and their own selves and completely disconnect from who they are.

    The laws of the universe are flawless and applicable to all. There is no distinction for the universe. Everybody is same and equal. But if it were true, then why are some people born rich and some poor? Why do some have excess of everything in their lives and some have excess of nothing in their lives?What is the cause of such disparities? Who decides all this? Can it be Me? Is it possible that I have created miseries for my own self? But why would I? Who doesn't desire a life of happiness, success, money, good health?

    When one looks around, and looks deeper at someone's life who has everything, is also suffering as much! If not materially, then maybe physically, or emotionally.

    One may have all the money in the world, all fame, surrounded by people who love them, but feeling lonely and empty. One may have good relations, wealth but serious illness. One may have been an achiever in life, but lost all peace. One may be very poor but very peaceful. One may have no money, but lot of love. Come to think of all this, we all want things that we don't have, and what we have we don't value, till it is taken away from us.

    These are some questions to ask urself and ponder over them.

    What is it u really really want from ur life?
    Who can give you that?
    How much do you want so that u feel fulfilled?
    When will ur desires finish?
    Till when will u forever be dependent on them and allow them to control ur life and allow them to be a cause of ur suffering?
    Who do u blame for all ur sufferings?
    Is it destiny, other people, situations, time, or you yourself?
    When will all this change?
    Who will change it for you?
    Are you ready to take charge of your life?

    Only you can answer them. Believe me.

    (Ruchika is a clinical hypnotherapist and a life coach)

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