This Buddah is not at all Buddah! We bet!

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  • Wednesday, July 6, 2011
  • Produced by Viacom18 (a joint venture of viacom and channel18) and AB Corporations and under the direction of Puri Jagganadh, "Bbuddah hoga tera baap" is a full masala entertainer.

    Buddah Hoga Tera Baap!
    Film Review by Milan Saxena

    Alike the era of 70s and 80s,when the movies acted upon by Amitabh Bachchan canoped and covered the period more than a decade, houseful shows and super hit dialogues; conquer the love romance of the on-screen cinema. Angry-young man has proved himself to be the "baap"of all the B-Town actors and the reason of him being named as the "Shahenshah" of Bollywood.

    "Bbuddah hoga tera baap" is indifferent.It blooms the chilled hearts of Amitabh fans once again. With full on action,masterpiece dialogues and romantic moods of Amitabh in the movie, makes this creation a milestone and no where less than former Amitabh hits.

    It is obvious to say "Bbuddah hoga tera baap" is perfectly a "BIG B monopoly" or "BIG B show". Amitabh's performance in the movie revealed that age is no bar for acting and heroism; whether it has been "Paa" or even "Bbuddah..."; Amitabh has always been Amitabh!!!

    The story of "Bbuddah hoga tera baap" revolves around two main characters of the story..Karan (Sonu Sood) is a sincere and noble police officer who vows to clear Mumbai from the growing terrorism and gangsterism;is shot by the love of Tanya (Sonal Chauhan).Vijju (Amitabh Bachchan) land India from Paris and is a gangster.Moreover Prakash Raj (Makran pandey) bribes a professional shooter to kill Karan as he created hurdles in their lives.Amrita (Charmie Kaur); in meanwhile becomes a good friend of VIjju and Kamini is played by the "mast mast girl" Raveena Tandon;who had a pre marital affair with Vijju.

    The story post intermission,achieves its zenith. Hema Malini has always been so graceful and generous while playing her role of Amitabh's wife. Sonal Chauhan acts maturely and Charmie Kaur grasps the attention of the audience. All-in-all the movie is the perfect blend of heroism,mastery,terror,action,romance and suspense.

    Produced by Viacom18 (a joint venture of viacom and channel18) and AB Corporations and under the direction of Puri Jagganadh,"Bbuddah hoga tera baap" is a full masala entertainer. Prakash Raj was impressive and tough in his character. He is an experienced actor mixing a correct blend of humar and seriousness. Sonu Sood dominated the movie with perfect maturity.

    Movie has all the elements of perfect screenplay and awesome dialogues.Puri's direction is excellent to present a real superstar.Moreover, the music by Vishal-Shekhar created a medley of Bachchan's hits in the song "Go meera-Go meera" with Remo De Souza as the choreographer. Sunidhi Chauhan's voice in "Mai Chandigarh di star" is rocking and powerful.
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