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  • Friday, July 1, 2011
  • Several media owners and convergly the "agro" group of the society is considering the song having the mess of Indian abuse.

    Though with a glimpse of cuss by some orthodox and perpetual criticism by a handful of viewers , Amir Khan's "Delhi belly" ; still revolves around the undeterred aura of critics and obnoxious comments.It's only because of the most controversial song of the decade "Bhag Bhag DK BOSE" incorporated in the movie "Delhi Belly". Several media owners and convergly the "agro" group of the society is considering the song having the mess of Indian abuse !!!

    The one who oppose the song are of the view that when sung in the continuity, the so called character of the movie "DK BOSE" sounds as if strong Indian cuss and abuse.However Kiran Rao ;the assistant director of "Delhi Belly" and Amitabh Bhattacharya ;the lyricist of the song retaliate by sliding their views in the media,"It all depends upon the perception of the person and not on the language composed.Amitabh composed the lyrics with hardly any idea of Indian abuse hidden in it..".

    Moreover apart from such a high rage controversy and debate on the song ,"Bhag Bhag DK BOSE" has touched all the signs of glory and success.It connects to the youth in the positive way and their reaction to the song has witnessed positive vibes.Being uploaded on the you-tube, the song has "130 likes" and has witnessed "13804 viewers".

    Well DK BOSE is not the sole single cuisine of debate.Planet bollywood has numerous such examples of controversial songs and lyrics.

    With her "sexy adayen" in Khuddar in 1993 ; "the adorable darling" "lolo" ; not only grasped the attention of thousands young youths hearts but also attracted a massive debate.The lyrics of the song ran ;

    "chehra yeh le jaaun kahan
    husn ko chhupaun
    romeo hazaron aagey peechey daude.."!!!

    And undoubtedly Karishma atracted her lacs and lacs of "Romeos" with her sex appeal.

    Madhuri's comeback ;though with a flop ;in "Aaja nachle" in 2007 gave light to the arguments. The title track of the movie sung by Sunidhi Chauhan,yelled out fire.The lyrics of the song comprised a line;

    "Yeh mohaale me kaisi maara-maar hai
    samjhe mochi bhi khud ko sunaar hai.."

    which was all in all the sole single core of the controversy.The one who opposed raised that the words imply that "cobblers are inferior to the goldsmiths" So such reluctant debate ended up with the modification of the lyrics which were then changed to

    "Yeh mohalle me kaisi maara-maar hai
    mere dar pe deewano ki bahar hai.."

    Last but not the least;when Deepika Padukone-"shanti"- of the B-Town performed in "Dum maaro dum" totle track ;she created the era of "ashanti" in the planet bollywood with such lyrics which were blamed to have the ""strips of nudity".The song as well as the lyrics were no where at par with the Zeenat Aman's performance in "Hare Rama Hare Krishna". It could be summed up that :

    "Zeenat's super heady performance had ,any more dum
    Deepika's clothes and senses both were "kum"
    Lyrics were also far from "yum".."!!!

    Not only these but "Munni badnaam hui" was also trapped in the chains of controversy with the use of brand name "jhandu baam" where the owners of the brand claimed the usage of their product without their prior approval..

    So it will be quiet judicial for us to have a watch of "Mr.Perfectionist's" "Delhi Belly" releasing on july1 to see whether including "DK BOSE" in his movie would "roshan" the name of Amir Khan or it would be the serious "galti" to have undertaken the risk of Indian cuss in his movie.

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