What’s the Funny Name of your teacher?

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  • Tuesday, June 14, 2011
  • If I am not wrong all of you at certain point of life must have kept some funny and weird names of your school teachers that have rolled you over the floor in laughter. Agree. I knew that. Dakhalandazi.com gives you the platform to share those eclectic hilarious names of teachers.
    If you wish your school to feature in this section, send and share your posts on edit@dakhalandazi.com. In today’s column we have Holy Public School, Agra.

    ‘Radhe’ is what kiddos call him for his peculiar hairstyle. Remember ‘Tere Naam’ where Salman Khan sported a strange hair do. The flickering locks on his face are absolutely akin to that of Salman Khan.

    Let’s move to another strange name, ‘Mardani’ is the name of a teacher and she walks almost like a man. Her body language is so manly that learners had no option but to keep his name as ‘Mardani’. Another name tickling your funny bone is ‘ Bakri’ for the obvious reason. This is a teacher who mimes like a goat. Therefore students could not help themselves but call her with this name.

    Chhipkali! Hey are you laughing. Ya! Thats a name of a teacher who is extremely slim and has no mass adhered on her skeleton. ‘Ladoo’ as popularly called, a teacher who loves binging on laddos of any type in this world.

    Hawaldar, an outlandish name of a teacher who interrogates every student whether desired or not. Want to read more. So here it goes, ‘Nanaji’, children call him by this name for the reason that he wears glasses much like that of an elderly person and loves to lecture students on almost every topic.

    Is it sufficient for today. No, there must be mentioning of original names of these teachers. So thats on you to guess. Send your posts to us. If you have more details of other funny names of teachers with their original names, send it to edit@dakhalandazi.com.

    Dakhalandazi has done an investigated research to track down the funny names of teachers from various trusted sources. It is out and out a funny exercise. We do not intend to hurt any teacher by displaying it on our website.

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