Techies Turning Humanitarians

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  • Monday, June 13, 2011
  • With such endeavour and efforts taken by SIFE IIT Delhi, there arises the hope that humanity and compassion still lies in the hearts of these techies.

    The time when ambitious youngsters are toiling hard to get good grades, there are some who are fighting for some generous causes to uplift the downtrodden communities.

    SIFE IIT Delhi, an organization grown up in the campus of IIT Delhi has manoeuvred a task of uplifting the status of 10000 Burmese refugees who have been living in the confines of West Delhi. The 23 member strong student group, SIFE IIT Delhi has decided to play a proactive role in helping the development and economic sustainability of a group of people so far neglected. They have been working with the community since November 2010, with the support of charter organizations such as UNHCR.

    As they learned more about the community, they came to understand how each day is a challenge for these refuges. Their continuous struggle to survive in this home away from home, made these students dedicate themselves to this cause.

    Under the banner of Project Aarambh, these students are making a fresh attempt for the cause of overall development of the Burmese refugees. Their project looks to economically empower these people through sustainable income generation. There are a number of centres within the community that manufacture handicrafts that boast of Burmese skill and culture. However such centres are far from realizing their true potential, due to lack of awareness about the current market scenario in India, and the hindrance they face in terms of language barrier and societal exclusion.

    These young students from IIT Delhi have a long term vision with respect to their engagement with the Burmese refugee community. They are aware of the political, social and cultural dilemmas in helping a foreign refuge community and their efforts are only meant to make the lives of these refuges a little more humane and meaningful. They feel that these refuges carry in their hearts, the Burma they fled and the hope to return. It is their culture that these students want the world to get a taste of. It is their spirit that they salute. It is their story that they want the world to listen to.
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