Triund - Of Steep Climb, Trek to the Snowline, Biting Cold and more

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  • Saturday, April 2, 2011
  • As we climbed the air became chillier, all the layers of clothing that we had peeled off was put back on. some 40mins later we saw white deposition on the pathways

    Ritika Gupta
    McLeodGanj is a patchworked cultural fabric. home to people from various cultures, devout Buddhists, Tibetans, tourist and anthropologists. It is home away from home, there is something for everyone in here. The winding alleyways, the markets - blindingly colorful, filled with funky stuff- trinkets, knick knacks, bags, shoes, adornments abound.

    We rested for a day to let the Kareri hangover set aside. We started for Triund (known so for two reasons, 1. a place where 3 paths from Chamba, Dharmakot and McLeodganj meet, 2. The three peaks that are visible from here)

    We took the route from behind the Bhagsunag temple, theres an awesome German bakery here which serves delicious Israeli and Mexican breakfast. It was the super moon and hence the moon set looked like an exceptionally bright affair over the conifers. It was dark at the foothills when we started walking- a 150 steps, crude untraversed trail, 80mins, aching shins and hamstrings later we reached atop a small hill where there was more light. you get an eagles eye view of the town and the terrain from hereafter is fairly well chalked out.

    Cherry joined us at the bakery, she was a smart and competitive dog, wouldnot let anyone go ahead.. she would lead the way at all points. Pink eyes, athletic built and loving is what she was.

    The trail was narrow, moderately tough, lined with trees... an enjoyable trek. We climbed mountains, got down to the valleys to climb another and by the time we reached the magic view - the midway eating joint, our sromachs were howling for food. We ordered maggi - the staple diet when you travel, i believe...eggs and tea without realizing it would cost us 700 bucks :)

    The breath taking view of the valley from here totally bowled me over. we sat here for a while, not talking, not discussing, just looking below.

    We had no clue as to what would lie ahead... as we climbed the air became chillier, all the layers of clothing that we had peeled off was put back on. some 40mins later we saw white deposition on the pathways - SNOW - fun frolick masti swept our mind. We slided down, slipped and tripped...was scary but fun nevertheless. Thank Jeez we had our Timberlands..excellent grip

    It only got scarier, the path was narrower and the layer of snow thicker... complete adventure!
    After some 7 hours of walking we reached the peak and the sight that welcomed us is indescribeable. The wallpaper perfect view of the snow capped Dhauladhars, the sun lighting it up and the frost clouds looked like flames. We ran all across the mountain, from end to end. enjoyed the view from every corner, expecting a different sight... cherubic! Then we were tired and we just lay at the corner, soaking in the warm sun, enjoying the view and Kings of Leon and Damien Rice resounding in the ears. Why cant we relax the very same way every single day!

    The best was yet to come.. as the sun started to go down, the shades of yellow on the peak, changed to orange, to lighter orange to deep blue... even the area of the mountain range that was lit up reduced , leaving just a mere corner lit orange before the sun disappeared. The whole thing is etched in our memories like a video clip as we have never witnessed anything like this before. Its like the sun was setting behind us and we could see the effect it had on the mountain in front of us - similar to a movie played in a theatre.

    The sunset lit the horizon with multiple shades of yellow,blue and red.

    We went collected wood for bon fire and the moment the sun went down, it started to get cold.. we had dinner by the fire... awesome daal chawal, noodle soup and juice. I just kept looking at the moon peak across coz though it was dark the snow reflected even the tiniest ray of light that fell on it.

    Hours went by, we chit chat, enjoyed the view and once it was absolute dark we saw a ray of light from behind the mountain- the moon was about to rise... and belive me you I have never seen something like this before now.. the moon came up from behind the mountain, it lit up just the peak and everything around was still dark. there was an aura around it and viewing it through the smoke from the fire made it look magical.

    I just sat there for minutes 30 admiring the miracle, tune to the Flyod's Wish You Were Here playing in my head...
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