How Philanthropic is New Rich!

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  • Monday, March 28, 2011

  • Is Philanthropy the latest fad today? Are Philanthropic mannerisms and its subsidiaries meandering profusely in our society? Has the Philanthropy Phenomenon arrived? Let’s see through the magnanimity of some Billionaires who have been spreading their wings of benevolence.

    The new rich is no longer just the rich, He is ahead to it. He drives Rover, lives in a Castle, eat food in Gold bowl and sleep in silk but he is new rich because he is BENVOLENT……… Yes! Philanthropic Revolution has spun its generous web around the globe and the world is singing only one melody of being a Philanthropist.

    But wait a minute!. He has not gone for an entire makeover. If a new rich crosses seven oceans to plant trees in India, he also does not miss to ink the deal with company. The sage of Omaha, Warren Buffet urges Indians to send more of Ajit Jains to Berkshire Hathway and wonders what is going on in developed brains of IITs; so that he can mend more money simultaneously he preach billionaires to make a little more effort in their philanthropic aspirations.

    The Software Czar, Bill Gates too sits comfortably under the Neem tree, bites dust while promoting his health campaign and walks through dust laden Kucha roads of villages but makes meaty investments to draw optimum out of minimum.

    Turning inwards, our very Desi Mukesh Ambani might relish living in luxury of 27 storied Antilla costing Rs.4500 Crores and even makes headlines by booking the entire cricket stands in Wankhede Stadium for crores but end of the day he too has roped himself in Philanthropic deeds by if not providing free services but at least declaring Reliance foundation to provide affordable high quality healthcare, urban renewal projects and preserving India’s ancient art and culture.

    Now it’s for you to think, how Philanthropic is new rich……………………….

    Saumya Verma
    Tv9 Mumbai

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