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  • Sunday, March 27, 2011

  • There has been different lovely and irresistible mascots, but none can match the charms of this 10 years old baby elephant, Stumpy, the official mascot of ICC World Cup 2011 and thats the reason guys can’t stop raving about Stumpy.

    He is powerful, majestic, enthusiastic and young kid. He has become darling of cricket fans and everybody is showering their love on this latest kid on the block. Yes! we are talking about none other than the very cute, Stumpy, the Elephant as official mascot for this world cup.

    The love and appreciation this lovely elephant is gaining is phenomenonal and Agraites too can’t stop themselves loving this small but determined Elephant. Gaurav Goyal, a collegian loves stumpy for his youthfulness and his optimistic character.

    He asserts, “ I have been fan of Stumpy from the time, he was selected as Official mascot of gala cricket event of ICC World Cup 2011. And it happened somewhere in August. So, i have been waiting for World Cup to come and see it is here and stumpy is sweeping off everyone’s feet today. Not only he is cute and charming, he is powerful too. ”

    This reaction is not restricted too, there are other youngsters falling in love with this majestic baby elephant. His charms are elusive says Lokesh Tiwari, “ The best part about Stumpy is that he thinks cricket is the best game in the world. He loves Street cricket and can play kid 24/7 .
    He is an intelligent animal. He knows all traits of cricket and more importantly he knows when to use the trait and in which way.He can’t run fast, he will use brains and would hit the ball so hard that it goes far away. He is master of the trade and work efficiently.”

    Stumpy’s characteristics are endless and highly motivating to our youngsters and everybody is drawing inspiration from him. Apoora Kumar,another youngsters says, “ Stumpy is not only performer but a learner too, he is always eager to learn. He keeps learning every time.

    He always knows there is lot to learn and keep his hunger on for more and more cricket. He is an inspiring animal and tells how to master art of concentration by learning all nuances step by step. And last not the least like me he dreams of playing ICC Cricket World Cup.”

    Looks like Stumpy has gain it all!

    Saumya Verma
    TV9 News Channel, Mumbai
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