Is it Border Security Force (BSF) or 'Brutal Sexual Force'?

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  • Monday, January 23, 2012

  • Gargi Mishra

    Yes, you might be thinking that why the writer chose such bold and heavy words to express the question.  Well the answer is very straight. We write what we think and we think what we see. I couldn’t resist myself from pondering over the exact meaning of BSF after watching the above video which gave gooseflesh to me in dying chilling winters. How could have that innocent soul taken the torture by the BSF personnel in such dying temperatures? Was it his obligation to go through the horrendous act like a sacred ritual or was he guilty to go through such inhuman torture? Even an animal or reptile would bite you back if tortured in such a boorish way…

    Place and Purpose of the torture….
    The video very clearly shows the inhuman and brutal torture by Border security Force Personnel of 105 Battalion on an apparently poor and marginalized person. The incident took place on January 14, 2012 at Char Mourushi BOP (Border out Post) Camp under Raninagar Police Station of Murshidabad District of West Bengal. The name of the victim is Mr. Habu Sheikh Son of Mr. Saidul Islam of village Atrosia, which is not confirmed yet. The reason behind such torture as stated by the BSF personnel are that the Bangladeshi was illegally trying to enter to the Indian Side of the border from neighboring Bangladesh.

    Beware of Border wolfs
    Eight BSF Jawans (Personnel) used their power in completely an objectionable way forgetting and ignoring their duty and the pledge which they take at the time of their recruitment. A Bangladeshi young man was stripped and beaten by the BSF personnel’s in the chilling winters for the reason that the young man refused to pay bribe. If you look into the video you will notice the conversation between the jawans that how they are planning to torture him and the yelling of the prey who was asking mercy again and again. His hand was tied on a bamboo and was continuously beaten and kicked by the BSF personnel’s. He was not only harassed physically but was also abused and cursed on the name of his religion.

    Action and the reaction
    The ongoing assault on Indian and Bangladeshi nationals by BSF personnel has taken a horrible picture. The BSF tried to defend their activities by the excuse of anti smuggling activities but now it is clear that BSF Jawans are taking illegal and cruel measures of torture towards the innocent nationals. BSF can’t take judiciary in their hands and start making decisions and punishments rather they are restricted to not to use physical coercion in the country.

    The video clearly highlights the following points.

    •    The person was not fleeing at the time of occurrence.
    •    The person was in BSF custody.
    •    The BSF personnel stripped him naked.
    •    The BSF personnel were reveling like tyrants.
    •    The BSF personnel tied the twisted hands of the victim with a stick.
    •    The victim was pleading for his release.
    •    The BSF personnel made physical torture without any fear or timorous.
    •    The personnel knowingly beaten the victim at toes of the person.
    •    Horrifying act of torture by BSF personnel made disrepute for Indian democracy and security force.

    After this incidence occurred, the 8 BSF Personnel’s were suspended for such heinous act and their names are, Sandeep Kumar, Dhananjay Roy, Sunil Kumar Yadav, Suresh Chandra, Anand Kumar, Victor, Amar Jyoti and Virendra Kumar Tiwari. Although these personnel’s are suspended, but what about the self respect and image of that victim which got bid in front of the whole world?

    Till now no specific criminal case has been lodged against these personnel’s and no proper action has been taken yet. No appropriate measure has been taken against the in charge of that BOP camp, Company Commander or Battalion commandant.

    On the top of such poor actions being taken, the Finance Minister of India, Mr. Pranab Mukherjee says,
    “Such incidents take place at times and there is no use blowing them up unnecessarily. The concerned authorities of the two countries would solve the problem through discussions”.

    The saviors
    The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) and its partner organization Manabadhikar Suraksha Manch (MASUM) have been documenting and reporting cases of such extreme forms of brutality committed by Border Security Force (BSF) stationed along the Indo-Bangladesh border in West Bengal state. The above video clip showing the extreme torture and brutality by the BSF was received by MASUM showing inhumane and brutal torture by Border Security Force Personnel.

    MASUM expresses, “this incident is not an isolated one but a part of ongoing torture by BSF which has been visually recorded by chance. It again proves our stand that malice is not only related to individual BSF personnel rather it is directly related to extended impunity for persons in uniform by the criminal jurisprudence of our country. It is a high time to take corrective measures to check unbridled atrocities by the border security force personnel at the Indo- Bangladesh bordering areas”.

    Where is the justice?
    This is not the only incidence which is burning as a terror on the name of democracy and security.  On January 21, 2012 the BSF handed over Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) head constable who had shot dead an Indian farmer in Tripura’s Sipahijala district along the border to the force. Like this there are several reported and non reported cases which are being kept in the red ribbon file and never get justice.

    Today, the whole nation is talking about fighting against corruption and we blame the whole political system and politicians. But is it the real picture. Actually the picture is dirty in all the spheres and amazingly the security force is also not untouched from such corrupt activities. Who is responsible for the birth of such cruel emotions and thinking?

    The devil of corruption has dropped its deadly poisonous saliva everywhere and it needs to be cleaned from all the corners. We need to stand together and take this issue on a serious note so as to fight for the justice for the victims.


    (Gargi is the content coordinator at Dakhalandazi. The views expressed here are not only of Gargi but also reflect those of the Dakhalandazi. Team Dakhalandazi is campaigning against this inhumane act done by the Border Security Forces in West Bengal. Be the part of our campaign. Gargi can be contacted on her mobile no +91-7668631561. You can also email her on )

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