I am the Creator, Director and Writer of my own life!

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  • Friday, August 5, 2011
  • The law of karma is eternally true, but only not understood. What I give is what I get. In order to give, I need to have it first. If I have it, then why do I ask for it? So what I ask for, is what I don't have. What I don't have is what I don't give. What I don't give, I don't get.

    Ruchika Bakshi

    The crux of it all starts frm me. If I don't have it with me, I can't give it to anyone. If I don't have love within, I can't give it to others, if I don't have peace, I can't make others feel peaceful and if I don't feel happy, I can't share it with others.

    You are the lord, master and creator of your own life. No one judges you, except you yourself. You are your biggest friend and your biggest enemy. It is your ignorance that makes you suffer. The root cause of all suffering is being ignorant about your own self.

    Being ignorant about your own self means, not knowing why you are doing what you are doing? We are not even aware of our actions and feelings. Everyone out there is born only to see me suffer or cause me pain. We operate like robots, with so many electrical sockets all over our body,full of charge. The minute anyone from outside, plugs in my socket, both will get electrocuted!

    We feel like helpless victims, unable to do anything about ourselves or our lives. All our lives we live as victims of others, victims of destiny, victims of situations etc. As long as one is in the zone of being a victim, nothing changes.

    In a movie, the helpless heroine cannot do anything but suffer as per the directors instructions. None of the characters in the movie has any power to change the script. The power to change the script and rewrite the whole story is only in the hands of the director.

    Each one of us is the director, writer and actor of our own lives. Our lives are a series of dramas that we play. The whole word is a stage and we are all actors playing our parts. We are not only the actors but the directors of our scripts too and nobody but the director has the power to change the drama.

    We all have a need. And what drives us to be something and play a particular role is that need. What is ur need? Need to be good? Need to be rich? Need to be famous? Need to be successful? Need to be happy? Need to be healthy? Need to be wanted? Need to be loved? Need to be secure? Need to be right? Need to protect the week? Need to play the righteous one? Need to be smart? Need to be beautiful? Need to be acknowledged? Need to be protected? Need to prove being the best? Need to be the most capable? Need to be a super human? need to suffer?Need to be a victim? Need to feel sympathy? Need to be poor me? Which one is ur need? Or is it some other need? Need to experience power? Need to control?

    Need comes from a complusion. It is an uncontrollable force inside of us which over powers us and we seem to have no control of it. It is what drives us to achieve, grow. It is the fuel in the car. The more the need to be something or experience something, the more deeper the fear of becoming just the opposite.So the driving force of all humanity is fear. If the fear of being helpless is very deep, the need to control and experience power will be that intense.
    If the fear to be a loser is very deep, the need to be a winner will be very intense.

    If the fear of being insecure is very deep, the need to feel secure thru money or relations will be very intense. If the fear of failure is very deep, the need to be successful will be very intense. Every time there is a compulsive need inside of you, simply ask yourself, What am I fearing to face inside of me?

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