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  • Friday, July 15, 2011
  • What Pakistan refers to as ‘Azad’ [free] Kashmir [roughly 33.33% of the Dogra kingdom] is yet to have a single airport, a decent hospital, a passable university, an airfield and whose GDP is less than US$2 billion annually that is mainly generated by terrorists' training grounds!

    TSV Hari

    Everybody who is somebody, somewhat important in Pakistan is saying Kaddish for souls getting separated from the earthly soles there in the kind of gruesome and cruel method that laid low a global terrorist called Osama bin Laden.

    Just in case anyone someone is wondering about the meaning of the word Kaddish – here is a simple explanation.

    'Kaddish is a Jewish prayer for the eternal peace of a presumably injured soul'.

    The following is my English rendering of the Kaddish:

    "Lord, God! I dare not murmur a protest against thy decree.

    I am indeed thy creation.

    Kindly heed the cry of my soul at this point in time, God!

    Just as my earthly father was dedicated to thy Glory and thy Name, I do too.

    My God and My Lord, may thy Great Name be sanctified and magnified manifold."

    Muslims have agreed upon the literary principle of writing from right to left since Judaism was declared as a religion several thousand years ago.

    The precursor to all the right-to-left scripts is Hebrew which is also written the same way.

    Islam has repeatedly acknowledged the Gods revealed by Moses and Jesus.

    Yet, those who have declared themselves as those of an unshakeable conscience [that is what the Muslim means in Arabic] hate Jews and Christians.

    Jesus was born a Jew. There are many Christians who hate Jews calling them Christ-killers. Those are ironic asides.

    Perhaps, Pak premier Yusuf Reza Gilani tried saying Kaddish for Osama and the irreparably sundered umbilical cord linking the USA and the villainy personified Siamese triplets - Inter Services Intelligence [ISI], Al Qaeda and Lashkar-e-Tayyaba in a strange way by blaming the Americans for violating Pakistan’s sovereign territory to lay a scofflaw created by both the parties concerned – low.

    I, however, point out the following:-

    1. Osama lived for over 5 years within 100 km of the Pak [pure] capital of Islamabad, within 800 metres of a major defence training establishment in Abbot-A-Bad with wives and children, in a concrete house with multiple floors specifically designed for him and his family.

    2. Osama had not undergone any plastic surgery and therefore looked like himself according to the Americans, with his signature beard and all.

    3. According to Gilani, the whereabouts of Osama remained a yet-to-be-cracked secret for the Inter Services Intelligence till the Americans found him very close to a Pakistani establishment!

    4. Gilani slammed the USA for having outraged the modesty and majesty of Pakistan’s sovereignty by invading his nation’s airspace and insulting its hallowed ground to lay low a terrorist. Here is the Gilani rhetoric: “Who is responsible for starting and funding the Al Qaeda? Who brought Osama bin Laden into Afghanistan via Pakistan?”

    5. Obviously, Gilani and his ilk in Pakistan do not expect an answer. Of course both the great deeds were indeed primarily done by the USA to get rid of the scourge of Soviet brand of communism. But then, were Pakistan and Osama little, innocent toddlers to be led into this without knowing what several nations in the neighbourhood were doing in the name of a new fundamentalist Islam?

    For over 25 years Pakistan was allowed to pocket some US$ 200 billion during this period or 50% of the funds earmarked to ‘democratise Afghanistan the Islamic way and save if from the Soviet scourge’ and that largesse was partly used to funnel terrorism into India apparently to get Kashmir – a product of the largest pack of a century full of uttered lies in the subcontinent. How? Well, we in India have preserved our part of Kashmir's demographic uniqueness since1950 vide Article 370 of The Indian Constitution, built a burgeoning economy for the state of J&K worth over US$ 23 billion annually, created countless schools, colleges, universities, roads, a railway system, hospitals, infrastructure, shopping malls, business centres, with 3 proper airports in what Pakistan refers to as ‘Indian Occupied Kashmir’ or roughly 66.66% of the undivided kingdom once ruled by the Dogra-dynasty whose last monarch Maharaja Hari Singh willingly ceded his territory to India when Pakistani army regulars disguised as tribal warriors invaded his realm.

    And what Pakistan refers to as ‘Azad’ [free] Kashmir [roughly 33.33% of the Dogra kingdom] is yet to have a single airport, a decent hospital, a passable university, an airfield and whose GDP is less than US$2 billion annually that is mainly generated by terrorists' training grounds! Worse, Pakistan has altered the demographic composition of its portion of Kashmir. India can safely announce a sweepstake of a million dollars for anyone who can spot 20 Kashmiri families living together with their property intact in what we called POK or Pakistan Occupied Kashmir. Do Kashmiri Muslims want to be annexed to such a sorry state only to be derisively termed as Mohajirs [refugee occupants] in the future a la all those who migrated to Pakistan in 1947 from the Indian side so that they lose everything India has built and live a life of eternal shame?

    6. Osama was assassinated [?] by American Navy Seals who emerged from their Afghan base in 2 helicopters [they make a huge noise, incidentally and an invisible chopper is yet to be invented], left behind one of them blown to smithereens as it developed trouble rather than leave it behind to fall into enemy[!] hands [the nation is Pakistan that mainly subsists on a staple diet of USAID in various forms on a weekly basis], came in and went back unchallenged without as much as a oral permission from their Pak allies - without the knowledge of Pakistan[!] and yet, the sovereign nation called Pakistani has a regular army, an INTER-SERVICES-INTELLIGENCE intact with its own ISI seal [pun, fun intended] ha, ha, ha! Believe that, you will believe anything.

    7. For a moment let us ignore the indications as to who betrayed [?] Osama to the Americans. The reason stared at everyone in the face from early 2010. Reproduced hereunder are extracts from a report published in The Guardian [a British newspaper] dated June 16, 2010:

    Afghanistan’s newfound mineral wealth could fuel further conflict by

    We now know what is the yet another factor and what it has been contributed toAfghanistan’s endless war.

    And one of its aspects is the fresh imbroglio over the assassination of Osama bin Laden – a man sent to Afghanistan by the USA – or so claimed by Pakistan – a nation that continuously helped the sustenance of the war in Afghanistan.

    Excerpts from my blog dated March 1 2010 under the heading: Pardon the Gaffe:

    The inevitable and unenviable situation of ineffectiveness in the disposal of yet another global fall guy called Osama like others before him with the painful mass-murder of innocent millions as in the case of Iraq, Afghanistan and Sri Lanka has been long overdue.

    Else, the West would not have pumped in the equivalent of over US$ 90 billion into the bouquet of Islamic Republics Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kirghizia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan located south east of what once was the Soviet Union and northwest of Afghanistan. (Source PWC, BNE etc.)

    Pakistan is being branded a mad dog [most of those living in Pakistan have suspended their intelligence and pandered to machinations beyond their borders for too long] by the first world’s press and lapped up by us gleefully in the run up to its being handed down a punishment akin to what was dished out to the LTTE, an avowed enemy of Islam, and yet, involved in issued based "cooperative relationships" with Al Qaeda and ISI.

    Similar things happened to Saddam, several of the Afghan warlords and may happen to persons like Zardari, Musharraf and others.

    Like in the case of former LTTE boss Prabhakaran no one can ever be sure of the final, future, fate of Osama who has desisted temptations of ‘decent burials’ like Saddam Hussein, Benazir Bhutto, President Ranasinghe Premadasa, Generals Zia Ur Rahman, Zia Ul Haq and Zulfiquar Ali Bhutto.

    Within 7 days of my writing the above blog from a hospital bed where I was convalescing after a second, near fatal heart attack, the room was raided by a posse of policemen under the control of ‘journalist’ Chief Minister M Karunanidhi at around 2-15 a.m.

    Mercifully, Karunanidhi and his accursed DMK have lost it at all at the hustings.

    Good riddance.

    The hospital is owned by the brother-in-law of Union Home Minister P Chidambaram.

    And I was under the care of Chennai’s senior lawyer Nalini Chidambaram’s sister-in-law Dr Meera Sadayavel Kailsasam.

    The duty doctors had all along informed the police that I am a senior journalist.

    The police saw my id.

    All my personal effects including my laptop computer, portable hard disk, medical records and other personal effects were ‘seized’ by 3 cops claiming to be from the dreaded ‘Q’ Branch [anti-extremist wing] who neither provided any evidence as to who they are like names, designation blah, blah or any reference to any case.

    While none from the Chennai press corps even as much as lodged a whimper of a protest, through my own perseverance, I retrieved my effects on 8.3.2010 handed over to me by one Bhaskar, Inspector of Police, Abhiramapuram, in the presence of Dr Meera.

    I complained to the National Human Rights Commission by March 10 2010 – with the evidence of the seizure naming the Director General of Police Letika Saran as an accused.

    The NHRC initially demanded an explanation from the state police DGP vide Ref: NHRC Case No. 314/ 22/ 13/2010 UC/SBII RC No. P&G [S] 1/ 66/ 6852/ NHRC/2010 within 4 weeks.

    Some 2 months’ plus later, the NHRC transferred the matter even without getting a reply from Letika Saran to the State Human Rights Commission.

    The SHRC demanded a similar explanation vide its case 4172/2010.

    The SHRC received the copy of a letter from the DGP [not the DGP’s explanation but a communiqué to her by her subordinate a deputy commissioner of police] in early 2011 thus:

    Excerpts of a note from K. Periaiah IPS, Dy Commissioner of Police

    C. No. 43/DC Myp/NHRC/2010 dated 23-09-2010

    Ref: NHRC Case No. 314/22/13/2010 UC/SBII RC No. P&G[S] 1/66/6852/NHRC/2010

    In the...referred petition...TSV Hari stated that on 7-03-2010 a police party in the night seized his laptop, cellphone [sic] and other important documents without disclosing anything.

    In this regard enquiry has been conducted by ACP Teynampet he sent his reply that, on receipt of a confidential information that a person whose name and address not known at that time, is indulging in some unlawful activities using electronic equipments detrimental to the Law and Order and security of the State is under going [sic] treatment in No.303 Aswini Soundara Hospital, Kasturi Rangan Salai, Teynampet, Chennai 18, a special team enquired petitioner TSV Hari on 7-03-2010 who was in the above referred address. During the course of the enquiry were verified by the CCB [Central Crime Branch] and returned to the petitioner after verification.

    During the enquiry, the petitioner was not ill-treated.

    The police enquiry was conducted on large interest for the safety and security of the Society only. There was no violation by the special team.

    No further action is required.

    A friendly senior police officer said thus recently:

    “Be thankful to God for small mercies. You predicted Osama’s end over a year back... The local cops here did not declare you a terrorist like Osama and bump you off in an encounter or imprison you under trumped up charges like another man in the north – Dr Binayak Sen. Supposing such a thing had happened, would anyone have bothered, including your friends from the journalistic fraternity?”

    It does not matter to anyone that some sleaze-peddling Tamil magazine called Nakkeeran managed to get some dirty pictures of a Hindu monk – a movie visual material imprisoned in my computer for nearly a year and with an Additional Director General of Police in Tamil Nadu without any ado within 48 hours of the seizure of my laptop computer.

    The magazine tried to blackmail the Hindu religious institution by publishing 3 stills from the video and threatened the Hindu world with another Nityananda type expose.

    I still managed to stop that nonsense with a single letter to its editor demanding an explanation as to how the magazine got the material within 48 hours of my computer being seized by the police.

    While the sane section of Indian media world knows the rather despicable character of those who run Nakkeeran, its decision makers are now under the microscope of the Central Bureau of Investigation for connections to the 2G scam!

    When I tried raising the matter with the anti-press Chennai Commissioner of Police Rajendran, he threatened me with arrest.

    The continuing persecution by Karunanidhi's police has so far made me suffer some 6 more cardiac arrests.

    Short of killing me with bullets, the Tamil Nadu police have achieved almost everything else.

    My strife and sweat to haul myself of the financial and wealth abyss created by them have cost me a fortune and have almost ruined me in monetary terms and have left me nearly dead after multiple heart attacks.

    Luckily for me, but for my health and a considerable portion of wealth, I have not lost anything else - especially the will to fight till the bitter end and the sure knowledge that I would win it all and take all.

    My soul’s anger at the society’s inaction is somewhat assuaged with this recall. Therefore, this is my Kaddish too...for my own injured soul.

    I will end this with an Urdu couplet in a queerly caddish way:

    Fanoos Banke Hifaazat Jiskee Hawaa Karey
    Woh Shamma Kyaa Bujhe Jisey Roshan Khudaa Karey

    "फनूस बनके हिफाजत जिनकी हवा करे वो शमा क्या बुझे जिसे रोशन खुदा करे".

    "When God wills that a flame shall remain alive, even the extinguishing gust of wind shall morph into a protective chandelier cup."

    ( TSV Hari is a journalist with nearly 3 decades of experience in print as well as electronic media.)
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