Illegal Possession, a common practice in Kanpur

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  • Saturday, June 4, 2011
  • As the Illegal possession of shop and property occurs openly in Kanpur, Police and administrative system of the city fails and contempt the Supreme court’s order. Here is an example of an NRI Shubhagam Gupta, who finds himself in deep trouble.

    Sub: Illegal possession of our shops and property in Kanpur U.P. India.

    I am writing with high hopes to draw your kind attention to my plight.

    I am an NRI and a resident of New York in USA. My father Sri. Gopi Krishna Gupta is resident and joint owner of 24/50 Birhana Road Kanpur, U.P India, which belongs to Pheel Khana police station, Kanpur.

    My parents have come to New York U.S.A to visit me and my family, when my mother met a terrible accident and is undergoing treatment. They have not been able to go back to India for the past few months.

    On 22 and 24th May 2011, We received phone call that Kamal Agarwal owner of Kamal Jewellers located at 59/39 Birhana road, Kanpur has illegally and forcefully taken possession of two shops, belonging to my father and situated in our residence at 24/50 Birhana
    Road, Kanpur by forcefully breaking the locks and have looted all the items in the shops.

    One of the shops was in my father’s possession and was released to my father from previous tenants by the order of honr’ble Supreme court of India as enclosed.

    Mohan Agarwal, Kamal Agarwal, Satish Kumar Gupta are illegally and forcefully occupying this property that legally belongs to my father. This is contempt of Supreme Court, and an issue of prestige for our country.

    My younger brother Dr. Subandhu Gupta is trying to get help from local authorities to stop this unlawful possession; however no administrative officer is lodging an FIR till now. We are facing extreme hardship and stand to lose our rightful property.

    We are stumped by the non cooperation of local authorities. There is no attention being paid to the order from Supreme Court the highest judicial authorities in the country. This leaves no hope for a common man that his rights to own a home and property is upheld against the wealthy and the influential.

    I request you to please advise the authorities that an FIR is lodged and the possession of our property is returned to us as soon as possible. We are suffering great financial loss and deep emotional stress.

    I humbly and respectfully request you to get attention from authorities and immediate actions in this matter to protect our family and our assets.

    I shall be extremely grateful to you for your kind and favorable actions at an early date.


    Shubhagam Gupta
    New York 11741
    +1 631 921 5439
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