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  • Wednesday, June 22, 2011
  • Ahem-Ahem!! how many of you do like "jalebi"?? Before you all get a bit bamboozled, it would be quiet judicious and unobnoxious to unfold that the "jalebi" being talked over here is not the one of the cuisines but is our very own, very hot,seductive and the life blood of "planet bollywood" and our sexy "hisss rani"- the heart of youth-Mallika sherawat.!!


    "Jalebi bai";the disguise in which the hot actress has wrapped herself;is one of her own consequences of experimentation & incarnation.Her new item song is blazing thousands of millions of her fans and is compelling their "feet to beat"!!

    Mallika is now back with a huga explosion in "Double dhamaal" with her sizzling item number "jalebi bai".After her heart throbbing and sexy "adaakaraa" in Mani Ratnam's GURU with "maiyya-maiyya";Mallika has set herself out for her new innings in the "B-town".

    The recent days have witnessed the B-town flooded with the glamour of " jawan sheila" and "badnaam munni" in hand in hand with "zordar thumka" of "shalu" and Mallika's "Razia" in thankyou. Though the latter two failed in the city of popularity when compared to "Katrina's jawaani" and "Malaika's badnaami".

    So this hissss..queen is back to rage and reign the heart of her followers and lure them to her own "sexy and seductive jalebi shop".

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