Hot Dating spots of Kanpur!

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  • Tuesday, June 21, 2011
  • brings you a series of hot dating spots of happening cities of India. This is an endeavour to reach to your hearts by listing some love brimmed places in your city so that you can share some moments of bliss with your sugarplums.

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    Love dwells high in the hearts of Kanpurites! They love to love and so do meeting with their sweethearts to express their lovey dovey gestures to their lovers. Dakhalandazi did a generous research before mention the places here. This is dedicated to all lovers in the city.

    Maskar Ghat, the place where serenity and calmness resides. A perfect place who loves to keep their heads bowed on their mates shoulders. A beautiful lake, boat, greenery, loads of peace, YOU and your partner. A picture perfect! So are you thinking to spend an evening by the lake. A must try!

    Another captivating and attractive site is Ganga Bairaj. The stormy, furious waves of river and breathtakingly view of its enormousness can transcend two love birds in an altogether world of high and strong emotions. Mornings, evenings and even afternoons would be enticing.

    Bithoor is another lovely place which holds the charm to spend special moments with your loved ones. A long drive on the endless roads of Bithoor makes the moments joyous, intense and gives you full space to get cosy with your mate... Another site harboured in Bithoor is Dhruv Teela which gives you a view to the river. And Yes! During monsoon, this place is awesome treat for lovers.

    Moti Jheel! Ya I know that this is bit not private but still the greenery, surroundings and the tranquillity of this place will extract the romantic vibes out of you and you would serve your partner with loads of romance and charm.

    This is the first edition of the series of hot dating spots of happening cities of India. For knowing the hot dating places of your city, keep logging on to If you wish to include your city here, you can send your write up at

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