Pain stands for - Pay Attention In the Now

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  • Friday, May 27, 2011
  • Life is saga which is to be loved and cherished. There are certain elements in life which are hidden and therefore unused. There are also several questions that swim across the human mind regarding its behaviour and existence. Amidst the rising chaos and confusion, there is a requirement to seek the truth within. spoke to a clinical hypnotherapist and a life coach, Ruchika Bakshi to throw the light on some common questions, any human can have.

    How one should take up life? What is one thing you want people to understand about life?

    Life is a journey and not a destination that we have to reach somewhere. I have really learnt that life is in the now. It is about discovering and exploring more possibilities of one's own inner potential and the unlimited resources that the universe has to offer.

    Life is about living in the ‘Now’ moment which we never do cause we are not even aware that we are so conditioned by our limited perceptions and our belief systems, that we keep repeating the same beliefs and thought patterns and living them expecting new results.

    The only thing permanent in the universe is change and what humans fear the most is change.

    Life is about experiencing the joy, happiness, abundance, love that each one of us is capable of experiencing. Life is about discovering our true inner potential and the power to create our own reality.

    I feel that God created us in his image and has bestowed on us all that he also possesses. We simply need to have a desire to know the God that lies within us, a desire to look within, a desire to grow and change with the flow of the universe.

    How one can get rid of daily problems?

    Again, understanding that problems come to show us who we are, to teach us and help us grow as better, empowered human beings. Getting rid of problems is denying all that the universe has to offer us. Ignorance of this is the biggest pain and misery.

    Pain stands for - Pay attention In the Now. Any type of problem or pain, physical, mental, emotional, financial, relationship, all comes for a reason. There are no coincidences, luck or by chance happening in the universe.

    Everything happens for a reason. We need to learn how to understand and learn from our problems. Pause for a moment and ask yourself that what is a problem for you.

    It will either be a situation, a person or you. Then think about this, that there are always many people who experience the same situation, or have a relation with the same person. Only when it does not happen in a particular way for us, does it become a problem.

    Does hypnotherapy helps an individual to come out of daily chores?

    Yes it does, in a very simple and profound way. It helps you by accessing your subconscious mind and gaining wisdom from there. It also helps in giving you a different perception to life and seeing things in a different way.

    It helps in de conditioning your belief systems, which are governing your life and giving you pain.

    What is one special thing that compelled you to take up hypnotherapy as a profession?

    There is not one special thing about it. In fact what lead me to hypnosis was my own inner desire to know more about life and the universe. From a very young age, I used to have lots of questions regarding human behaviour. I always knew there is much more to all this than we can see or understand and that is when in college I came across the book ‘Many lives Many master’ by Dr Brian Weiss which answered most of my questions.

    It was 10yrs later that his teachings and hypnosis came to India and when I came to know about it, my journey started as a healer and a therapist. I changed my life and my reality completely, like I could never dream of. And now my desire is to share this with others and help others experience the same.

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