Hans needs your support: Rajendra Yadav

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  • Tuesday, May 31, 2011
  • Rajendra Yadav writes on his facebook wall, “5000--Five Thousand Friends on Facebook. Over One Thousand in waiting List. Sadly, not more than 50 Friends are responding to the HANS Silver Jubilee Celebrations Event Appeal. Are Facebook Friends really very Serious Friends?”

    Hans in its 25th year needs everyone’s support and possibly humble contribution. You know very well that Hans doesn't enjoy corporate sponsorship for apparent reasons. Readers are its lifeline. We are trying to publish four books and a special issue, plus a good memorable event to commemorate the arduous journey.

    We need all friends to come together. If you all don't join the crusade in your humble capacity now, it will be very disappointing. Time to chip in from Rupees 100 to whatever possible. Hans need whatever little financial funding possible at this hour.

    Best regards
    Rajendra Yadav
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