Mind and Soul, the complementary companions

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  • Friday, April 29, 2011
  • Are you looking for the reason of the circumstances surrounding you? Do you know that the incidences that occur to you are result of your mind’s endless thought process?

    Our Mind and body are closely integrated to each other. They work in tandem with each other. Our surroundings are manifestation. Recently a function held at Rotary of Kanpur and supported by Sakash illustrated the fact very clearly.

    The fact throws the light on the soul. It says that each soul is born with a purpose and according to its own karmic learning, chooses a set of experiences for itself. Thereby we are masters of ourselves and fashion our lives according to us. Every moment, we always have unlimited choices to respond to a particular situation and this can be expanded by awareness.

    We choose a particular situation for us. Knowing the fact that we are responsible for our own emotions, thoughts and reactions and there is no one to blame outside, we can control our lives. If there is any disease inside us or any negative emotion disturbing our body, it can be healed soon, if the proper emotion is addressed.

    So make a promise to yourself that you will choose the right emotion for yourself and make your life better forever.

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