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  • Tuesday, April 12, 2011
  • Alok Sanwal, the man behind the idea explains it as a ‘Newspaper for those who are young and the young at heart

    When the circulation numbers of most major newspaper is telling us that the average reader keeps getting older, India is telling a different story. News papers here are fast growing and their circulation number is going up day by day.

    I as a web journalist, having experience both in broadcast and print stream, could easily feel the intensity of the effort we put in our basic strategies. I have a better example of a news paper which is ‘I-Next.’ It’s a venture of Dainik Jagran group. This news paper is not only a print piece of papers but is a youthful philosophy in itself.

    Alok Sanwal, the man behind the idea explains it as a ‘Newspaper for those who are young and the young at heart’. He many times has been criticized for his non-journalist approach which, he says, he takes it as a challenge and proves by making profits and winning awards.

    When I attended a seminar on Media Strategies once in Bangalore, a media expert from Chicago explained downfall of news paper circulation as, “Offering suggestions on how to save the American newspaper seems as futile as a Cars.com editorial on how to save Detroit from foreign automakers.”

    This tale sometimes makes me laugh here in India, as I know our strategies are very much suitable to market needs. I-next could be the best example as how to not only serve news for youth at heart but also to make profit out of it.

    Though the strategist in western countries aren’t doing a worse job than two decades ago, rather I’ll say they are doing the same job as they were two decades ago. Major newspapers there largely treat the Internet as a drop box for published material but here in India, we are also making profit from news sites.

    It’s true that blogs and independent investigators, offering users unprecedented personalized access, are cutting profits for newspapers everywhere in world but we shouldn’t forget the fact that they are also the user and in India we treat them as a profit makers.

    At the end I’ll say media in every country has fare chance to grow but the need of the hour is to target readers into their deep heart. Hope I-Next would serve an example soon.

    Alok Dixit

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